Friday, May 9, 2008

To blog . . .

. . . well it has been far too long, but so much has been happening! So much I would want to share with you, my gentle readers, but the magnitude of what I could write about has been daunting: moving to San Francisco, submitting my portfolio to the advertising dept. , saying good bye to old loves, new loves, meeting new people, my killer new digs, my adventurous trek across the lovely state of Nevada (and odiferous plains of Central Cali), the anxiety of finals, the resentment I am starting to develop for the chore of required painting. But none of this will I scratch the surface of tonight, my friends.

I actually thought I might come up with something genius, as I felt a wave of green-tea inspired energy wash through me, but that list just made me tired, and I just want to floss and go to bed with Edith Piaf (I am finally biting the bullet and watching the depressing La Vie en Rose (Nathalie, we were supposed to watch this!).

I am allowing myself this indulgence because my brain is just too tired to contribute anything meaningful to the mountain of school work I have right now. That is what I have look forward to this weekend: not some hot date, or a night out at the clubs, or even a fun evening in a bookstore (wow, that would be perfect: a new book, incense and a chai tea latte), but a mountain of school work, almost all of which I deeply resent and yet requires me to feign creative passion and commitment.

The one highlight will be trying out the gym at Potrero (the one that is a 12 min walk from my house is way too small for that many machine hogging men). I hope the walk to Potrero is as picturesque as the one to Church St. Hmm. Maybe if I am VERY good, I will trade in Edith for something new at the Blockbuster. A DVD of the L Word?? Or maybe an intro to Entourage? I am open to suggestions. I think I will have my in store trade-ins be TV shows and the mail in stuff be movies.

Anyway, I will leave you guys with this one testament as to why I cannot do any more online classes/work from home: today, in the middle of the day, I found myself on all fours having a conversation of meows and purrs with our house cat, Benini. Yes, I have become that nuts.


David said...

I don't see why you'd be nuts to talk to a cat.

UNLESS he is a telepath. Cuz yeah, telepathic cats totally look down on our verbal forms conversation.

That Benini - I haven't even met him and already I know he is a snob!

Luis Merino said...

ENTOURAGE! I love it! It's so fun, light-hearted, and just ... FUN! I think you'll enjoy it. It's not particularly funny, but highly enjoyable and even addicting!! That's my recommendation! I'm in the middle of Season 2, and have so much ahead of me :)