Monday, May 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton

I just listened to a speech by Clinton in West Virginia, and marveled at how she has adopted the subtlest of Southern accents for her audience.

While I do not support Hillary for president, I have to give her mad props for the way she has changed herself at need for this campaign. I mean, this is a woman who has been characterized as a rather cold shrew. She started out in the race with some rather bad advice on how to run her campaign and what to expect from her opponent, but in a matter of a few short months she has had to grow a sense of humor (pretty successfully, although it was stiff at first), show emotion and vulnerability, be affable and relatable. I have heard her throwing back Jack Daniels in a bar and listening with genuine sympathy to small-town folk. Her campaign has become one of very personal, intimate connection with simple people.

If you would have told me that this is how Hillary Clinton would be as a candidate one year ago, I would have looked at you with blatant incredulity.

If nothing else, Clinton has proven herself a politician capable of great flexibility and adaptability; a politician of unexpected strengths.

That being said, I still favor Obama, despite a few question marks I still have about him. I wish the media would do more than paint him in broad brushstrokes. Perhaps we will see more explorative coverage in the general election.

On a side note, today, McCain talking about finding alternative fuel sources eerily reminded me of a General Authority. Dun Dun DUN!!!

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