Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ego Stroke at Zara's

So I went to the mall with my step half brother, John (more on that later), and I took him to Zara's (one of the stores I like to frequent).

For those of you who don't know, Zara's is a U.S. import from Spain, kind of like H&M, but better quality and not so teenagery. I like them because their clothes are cut more fitted than most U.S. retailers.

Anyway, I found a denim jacket I really liked (the perfect denim jacket is on my list of things-to-be-on-the-look-out-for). It was a medium. Tried it on. The arms were so freakin' tight! I was like, 'Two more weeks at the gym, and I won't be able to fit into this thing!'

Loved it! The torso was kind of loose, so if it weren't for the arms, I totally should have gone for a small. I mean, everywhere I go, I have to hunt for a small, or the uber-elusive x-small.

Aww yeah!!! Felt so freakin' good. Why can't this happen to me at regular stores?

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