Thursday, May 29, 2008

Man Hugs

This is a great video demo for those of you who may be confused about execution, timing, or meaning of man-hugs. It's also great for those of you who just love watching Brits.

For those who have grown up Mormon, I think man-hug training is culminated in the mission field, although some don't quite get it and go overboard, crossing the line to questionable behavior. Mormons are insanely well-versed in the man-hug, though, as Mormon men are encouraged to be ridiculously in touch with their feelings and to constantly demonstrate "Christ-like" love. Basically, Mormon men are big pansies in some ways, which really makes them the bees knees, in my opinion, and great marriage material for those straight chicas out there.

When hugging my straight male friends, I, of course use the back pat demonstrated in the video. However, I think the pat is a ridiculous superfluity when hugging my gay male friends. As we don't need to prove "we're not gay" and lack of pat does not mean we're going to get it on in the next ten minutes. However, it is deeply ingrained, so my apologies to my gay male friends if I do this without thinking.

How To Give A Great Man To Man Hug

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