Sunday, September 28, 2008

The I-Phone!

Okay, I am sorry. I know I am longer overdue for some serious updates. They are coming. Life has been busy and . . . eventful. I will get to it, I swear.

In the mean time, enjoy this hilarious video about the lovely I-Phone! :)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toblerone Revisited

One of my assignments was to find three great examples of art direction, these could include examples of great packaging. I already had two great examples in the bag, so I just figured I could easily find something in the school library on the way to class. Of course, Murphy's Law being what it is, that did not work out and I was hustling to class with a pretty lame third example in my camera.

Because "the city is our campus" (read: the Academy has a proliferation of buildings scattered about the city rather than one central locus), I passed a convenience store on the way to class. After weighing my options, I decided I could perhaps find an iconic piece of packaging in this way station purveyor of cheap goods and make it to class maybe only five minutes late.

After some frantic scanning, I settled on a bottle of Vitamin Water (I would rely on my silver tongue to pull me through on this one) and then I spotted it: a display of Toblerone Dark.

I smiled at the fond memories of BYU it ellicited. For those of you who knew me then, you may know that I always carried with me a bar of Toblerone. I used it the way most ravers use E. I relied on its dark, rich complex sweetness to intensify and enrich a moment of delight and transcendence, or in a time of fatigue or gloom I would use its transportive powers to lift my spirits.

Toblerone was my gateway to appreciating all gustatorial experiences dark and bitter.

I had to grab a bar. I thought perhaps I could expound on its iconic irregular shape and pleasing, dark-toned packaging.

I didn't use it for my presentation. But I did have two pieces in class and am now on my third.

It wasn't quite as magical as I remember, but you know what? I think it's still my favorite chocolate. It still has that wonderful smoothness with dark, earthy undertones, managing to be very sweet without being frivolous, getting to very essence of what chocolate is about without a bunch of milk fillers or wax or funny berry additives.

And give it the right space of quiet and appreciation and it can still transport you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"Young man found in alley in an apparent state of acute shock. Emergency response personnel found the man shivering, spasming, and mumbling incoherent strings of words and phrases. The only decipherable words, say personnel, were 'Dow Jones Industrial', 'Palin vetting', and 'Iraqi surge'."

. . . You might soon find this report in your local news. I realized today I may well be overdosing on my consumption of news. I realized this today as I was walking to the subway from class and I glanced at the front page of a newspaper. I think it was the Washington Post. I could be wrong. The headline was about misconduct by department of interiors employees, accepting gifts and sexual favors. "Ugh," I thought,"that is such old news. I can't believe it's still on the front page."

Then I realized I had just heard that news story yesterday or that very morning and that it was actually pretty new. I had just heard so much news between the time I had heard that story and the time I saw the headline, that I had already tired of the news I had already heard. Before I had hit that news stand, I had glimpsed CNN Headline News talking about the Obama lipstick story and thought,"Can we please put this story to rest!" but my classmates had not heard about this news story at all. All of this happened while I was listening to a podcast of a discussion panel on NPR. Hmm. Perhaps I am exposing myself to a glut of news. I hear it so much, even the new stuff is getting old.

Perhaps I need a hiatus. At present, I have 11 different news agencies on my internet bookmarks and regularly read whatever pops up on Yahoo's main page. I also subscribe to two magazines (GQ and Conde Nast Portfolio) and browse through the Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly that arrive at our home. I also regularly listen to NPR on average and hour and half a day. No wonder I feel I don't have enough time! Bah!

When I wake up, my first move is to open my lap top (before I have even gotten out of bed), check my email, and then check the New York Times to make sure the world hasn't come to an end while I slept.

The thing is, if I took a hiatus, I know I would come back and immediately check the papers and NPR to catch up on what I missed while I was gone. Maybe I should just budget. No more than half an hour of news reading in one day. Hmm. We'll have to see. I think school will soon solve the question of discretionary time anyway.

*The above photo is me in a sports bar this past Monday with some friends. I haven't been in a sports bar in awhile, but it was fun to play pool. Apparently, this is what I do when I am not having an aneurysm over the Right's (and much of middle America's) blind support of hypocritical politicians.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am pooped!

As promised this photo has nothing to with my post. I just found these legs so wonderfully expressive and full of personality, I just had to take a picture. I think it's the combination of the lively pant pattern and the position of the feet. I have no idea what this woman's face looks like.

So I am so exhausted!!! But i have been chatting with Tai, and I am multitasking and blogging as we chat. Ah, Tai. She is my balm of Gilead. It's crazy how we've totally reconnected. Now we just need to get in the same area code! But that's another story.

Why am I so beat you ask?

Well, i just had my first day of school.It was actually rather anticlimactic and brief, nonetheless I think i kicked some trash! And I am revved to kick some major trash right into a primo spot in a killer ad agency!

I am so excited for our first assignment. All I have to do is read from this book, create a storyboard and design 25 logos.

So I went to class after switching sections, because the other section was screwing up my schedule. When I got into the building I was dripping in sweat because we are in a heat wave and I was hiking all over the city to get to class in a thick, long-sleeved oxford shirt.I was just grateful I didn't have taco sauce all over my face after having my face buried in del taco wrappers during my hike.

Did I mention that on my back was a back pack I have been trucking with me since last Sunday? Yup I have been a vagabond since last Sunday. So here I am with every electronic I own in my messenger bag(laptop, camera, Ipod, cellphone) and every toiletry I own (which y'all know that collection is extensive) and a few changes of clothes with shoes in my backpack. My back was killing me by the end of the day.

Why am I going into all this detail?? My thoughts are barely cogent.

Listen here is the breakdown:

Sunday to Wed morning was in Merced, CA. Took train in on Wed. Afternoon at gym. Evening and night at Brandon's. Thurs. morning go from Brandon's to this Academy breakfast where I try desperately to justify my graduate school debt by filling up on "free" french toast and pastry. Breakfast to work at lame job. Lame job to class.

Class is a let down because it is cut short. Go to library. Try drinking some green tea for caffeine. I still end up passing out for half an hour in library. Take creative route home. My back is so freakin arched from weight of backpack I want to rip out my own spinal column and trade it in for a new one.

Have two bites of ice cream for dinner and head out to the symphony with Brandon, where I have an absolutely wonderful time. The concert hall was beautiful. Stunning views of the city. The music was dramatic and interesting.

Said good bye to my man on the subway. And now here I am wondering why on earth I am typing when I should be showering and snuggling into bed.

Latah folks!

Oh! Wait! I talked to my folks today! That also made today really good! They're both doing fine. My dad sounds like his health is really improving. My mom is watching out for him. It was just good to hear from both of them.