Friday, March 21, 2008

Why Am I so Batty? LOL

So my bedroom has been absolute disaster area for about the past month. Everyday is an increasingly frustrating experience in trying find ANYTHING. 

I had to renew the registration  on my car in Jan. I printed out the temporary reg while i waited for the sticker and registration to arrive in the mail. When the sticker arrived at the end of Jan, I carefully put the paperwork back in the envelope to be used when I next went out to my car. That envelope hasn't been seen since. The temporary registration expired in February. 

I got a ticket last week for expired registration. I wonder if I can refute it, since I technically had renewed the registration, I just didnt have proof handy. 

Anyway, on Monday I was driving a friend to the airport  when I got pulled over (it was 4 am!). So I scrambled forever to find the temporary registration (I didn't know it had already expired). 20 old registration docs and mechanics receipts later . . . I still couldn't find my proof of insurance card. I was vexed and concerned about the colossal ticket I would be getting. By some miraculous force of grace, this UHP officer let me go with an admonishment to find that sticker. 

So I screwed up my courage to prepare to tell my parents that their at times absent minded son had lost the stupid sticker and I needed their help getting a new one (my car is still in Dad's name). 

So I am getting ready to go visit the folks right now. I decide to look one last time for the elusive sticker. 

I found it in 20 seconds flat. 

It was under a few sketches on the table at the foot of my bed. You know, where I generally put stuff that intend to need relatively shortly after I put it down: car keys, Ipod, loose change, beloved Buddha. 

As I went out to promptly to sticker up my license plate. As I carefully put my current proof of registration in the glove compartment, my eyes fell to the space between the driver's seat and the car door. Lo and behold, there was the stupid insurance card!!!!! I was simultaneously relieved and chagrined. 

So now this Mexican is legal and ready to visit his parents. Wish me luck with that! (I love my parents)

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Tai said...

I keep hoping that I'll grow out of the spazziness that I firmly believe goes hand in hand with being an artist. But the only thing I can think of that has helped in any way is to severely limit how much I own. For example, if I keep all my belongings down to what I can fit in the luggage I own.. it's not so hard.