Monday, March 10, 2008

The things I learn in Utah!

So there is this sexual practice, in which you dont have actual sex, but you kind of pretend to by rubbing up against your partner. Now, I have come to know this as frottage: this is the actual sexual term for it. I have, of course, also heard of humping, but I have never heard of these words that popped up in conversation just last night with my roommates:

Provo Push

Crop Dusting: for those of you who are agriculturally ignorant, crop dusting is actually when a plane deposits its insecticides on a crop by brushing the surface.

Levi Loving: uh i really didnt get this one. Levi was one of the sons of Israel. "Sons of Israel" probably wouldn't engage in levi loving.

But i guess I am now being informed that Levis refers to jeans, not Levi aka Aaronic priesthood.

And new ones just added: Helaman Humping and Couch Tango and Sofa Salsa.


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Luis Merino said...

I miss all the good conversations.