Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff White People Like

Me beloved friend,  Hilary, opened my eyes to my new favorite blog: Stuff White People Like. Thus far, this is my favorite post. May you all roll in laughter, as well:

Basically how cool/progressive all you white people can feel about having a gay/lesbian friend. If you manage to find a black, gay friend with an adopted child, you get a free canvas tote from NPR and a water bottle from the ACLU! :P

Another one of my favorites is:

My favorite line (paraprased):  " . . . years of work can be undone by one copy of US Weekly, a misplaced McDonald's wrapper, or a copy of a John Grisham novel . . . ."

1 comment:

John Quintana said...

Can one comment on one's own blog?? Hmm. Well, I am.

This white people blog has made me realize that I may actually be the whitest person I know!!!!!