Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Haircut of John

So i am still working out how to post things the way i want, but below i believe you will see three photos. 

THe one with the really awesome, amazing, potentially-world-peace-inspiring hair is what I looked like a couple of weeks ago. 

I knew I wanted to cut my hair, but I wasnt exactly sure how. My mistake: taking scissors to my hair before I had a crystal clear idea of where I wanted it to go. 

I hated my a hair cut for days! I thought I looked like a lesbian or something. It pretty much looked like that picture of me in the blue tshirt. 

On Sunday I decided to try something different and this experimentation is what you see in the picture of me in the black sweater. 

I think i am going to have to stick with that final 'do for awhile.  I am resisting the urge to cut even more. I am trying to just be patient, grow it out for a couple of months and then see what I can do from there. 

The irony is, I wanted to try something more edgy and instead I am left with the option of retro- John, or stick-up-his-butt-Banana-Republic/J-Crew-John. Sigh. 

I miss my hair. Especially when I am feeling frustrated and just want to pull my hair back away from my head. I dont know why, but its soothing. Or like the other morning i wanted to just hop out of bed and go to the gym. Ordinarily, this is where I would whip out a trusty hair tie, but now I have to actually DO my hair before i leave the house or risk frightening small children and dogs.

I dont think i will go back to it ever being quite SO long as before. I dunnno.

Thoughts anyone? Should I just whip out the clippers and have at it?

(yes, i know how incredibly shallow this blog post makes me seem :P Get over it)

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Billy Reano said...

Stick with the third look. And on occasions, go to the 1st...with the purchase of hair extensions, go to the 2nd.