Friday, October 24, 2008

"Carried" Away

I live in tiny apartment near the heart of the city. My space constraints led to me to this genius find, which I just painted--after three months of good intentions--yesterday. I am quite in love with the new color (and with cost of paint included, this table set me back a mere $20!).

I then zipped off to a fun coffee date, which has left me with a unique challenge: I have to design a skateboard by tonight for his new clothing store opening. If I win, I get a t shirt designed in my honor.

Race home. Get ready for a Clio Awards Screening downtown. The Clios are like the Oscars of the ad world.

Fast forward to the after-party at Sugar. I am famished! All I have had to eat that day is one bowl of cereal. There is no way I can join my friends in cocktails. I make a beeline for the hors d'oeuvres and dine on bacon-wrapped dates (AMAZING!), fun Greek pastries, mini cupcakes and spinach dip.

Suddenly, I wondered . . . ;) could I more like the fictional Carrie Bradshaw than I cared to believe?

Am I struggling single person in an urban city? Yes.

Am I a writer? Jury is still out. I may do copywriting.

Am I too skinny for my own good? Yes.

Do I have a big nose? Yes.

Do I spend too much time thinking about clothes and hair? Yes.

Did I basically spend my day running around with about 5 costume changes living off of
cocktails and hors d'oeuvres? Yes.

Do I go on a succession of dates with some real characters? Yes.

Is there a Mr. Big? May have been, but thank heavens that's over!

Am I doomed to the same screwed up life? Let's hope not.

Do I need to stop watching so many freakin' chick shows? Yes.

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