Monday, October 20, 2008

SATC Revisited

Well, I just finished watching Sex and the City for the second time (now out on DVD). I have been determined to watch this wonderful piece of cinematic fluff for a few weeks now, but time never permitted. Sometimes, however, you just have to make time for the things that count.

Oh gosh, I am waxing Carrie.

Anyway, my assessment upon second viewing: it translates much better to the small screen. Nonetheless there are a few contentions I still make: Big's sudden cold feet seem contrived, the whole series of mix ups surrounding the wedding day are so contrived. In the small screen viewing I do seem to care more about the Carrie-Big storyline than I did in the theater. Miranda and Steve are still the more real couple.

Samantha may be catapulted to my new favorite character. She is just such a ray of sunshine in the lives of her friends. Like, seriously the most loyal, true friend anyone could ask for, and the most loyal, true girlfriend. I was once again really impressed at how much she was willing to sacrifice for her relationship.

Charlotte . . even though I sometimes insist I would much rather be a Charlotte than an ill-fated Carrie (as every online test seems to assert), Charlotte was practically a caricature the entire time. There's got to be more going on with this woman. I mean come on! Also, Big's character I don't believe was really allowed to fully be himself in the film.

All this being said, I think I well definitely buy this movie. It can be one of those movies I watch when I want to be depressed about relationships or entertained by pretty clothes. Perhaps I can enjoy gluttonous consumer consumption via this film rather than engaging in any myself, because really what more does a guy need than a intellectually light film and a good bowl ice cream?

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