Saturday, November 1, 2008

Redemption through Volunteerism

Some of you may have thought I had forgotten about my personal vow to volunteer, but I have not.

I just got back from my training meeting for No on Prop 8 campaigning on Election Day.

I just wanted to write down my feelings while they're still fresh.

I just . . . . Honestly, I started welling up with tears seeing all of the wonderful people there who were joined together in a good cause, people of conviction and dedication who want good things. I wish you guys could have been there and seen these people, because, you know what? They look very unremarkable. They look like my science teacher, or my grocery bagger, or my friend's dad, or my old boss.

It felt so wonderful to be part of something greater than myself again.

I also had some sadness in my heart to know that people that I care about are out there actively trying to oppose these efforts.

Our desires are so simple: for family. It made me sad to think that people I love stand against that.

I put up the headline I did because my family is worth me making a few small sacrifices. I wish I had more time and resources to give to my own future family, but school obligations keep me very busy. In some ways, though, that seems like such a flimsy excuse. I have worked all of my life to try and be a good husband and father, and I do feel some shame that I have not spent more time working to ensure that I can have that.

I could have eschewed some of the dates I went on in favor of campaigning earlier.

I can only hope that the combination of our small contributions, and my own prayers (and the prayers others) will be enough. I will fast tomorrow, and pray, and do what I can.

The feeling in that room, though . . . it was good. I hope to be involved in more good causes to come in my life.

For all of you--I and hope you are approaching your voting decisions in a spirit of love, humility, and prayer and that you are seriously investigating the candidates you choose and make choices that stand for truth, justice, wisdom, and an investment in our future.

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