Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tommy Boy

Last night I was exposed to the male equivalent of Steel Magnolias that is Tommy Boy.

I have always been pretty turned off by the whole Chris Farley/Jim Carrey/Adam Sandler stupid comedy genre. If I wanted some banal humor, I turned to more estrogen-filled classics such as Legally Blonde and Mean Girls.

I was pretty surprised when I found myself actually really enjoying Tommy Boy. I found Tommy to actually be a pretty affable, endearing, and genuine character. I found myself caring about how he was treated in the movie and hoping he would be able to grow and conquer his challenges.

Was I getting into a dumb guy comedy??? I guess so. Maybe it's because my tastes are broadening as I get older. Or maybe it's because for the last few years I have spent more and more time in the company of dudes (I couldn't even scrounge up a chick posse with which to view the Sex and the City movie!). Or maybe it just took me a while to to grow into my mental male sensibility. Kind of like chest hair. It keeps coming in, long after puberty has punched out.

Who knows? Maybe I am finally ready to sink into a Lazy Boy and enjoy the ultimate neural anesthetic that is American football.

For now, I need to add Tommy Boy to my movie queue to watch it in its entirety. Any other dumb dude comedy recommendations?


Luis Merino said...

"Black Sheep," "Happy Gilmore," "Dumb & Dumber."

I love 'em all!

Tai said...

Love Happy Gilmore. I cant believe you talked to Dr. Laura. Ew! That harpy!