Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Titanic Error?

OK. It's been too long since a post. Good reason, I swear. I have been busy doing the work that I love. More on that next blog post.

For now:

While I was at work researching great examples of love, I, of course, came across that great love story of the 90's--Titanic.

This seemed like a ready example that many people could identify with. This movie moved millions of people across the world to go the theaters again and again, form fan clubs, and shed tears. Great. Easy story for me to share...until I realized I have NEVER seen this movie. I don't even know the plot points (other than that the ship goes down and Leonardo DiCaprio probably dies).

So, I turned to my bestie, Tai, hoping she could give me the low-down on this great love story:

The fact is, I never wanted to see it as a teenager, as a sort of act of rebellion against all things blatantly pop culture. I now listen to Britney Spears with barely a hint of shame.

So the question is, now that I am over my adolescent distaste for trite should I bother with this movie and Netflix it?


alea said...

I've never seen the film either. And frankly, I don't feel all that deprived because of it. In fact, I think at this point, the story's showing its age a bit and isn't really considered all that culturally salient.

Then again, I might just be telling myself that so I don't feel back about missing inside jokes...

Zei said...

I would stick with Romeo and Juliet if I were you.

And I wouldn't worry so much about feeling left out with the inside jokes because fortunately, no one bother using them anymore.