Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Return to the Thumpa-Thumpa

Friday night was a busy night! I made a triumphant return to the dance clubs of San Francisco. It had been too long. My recent trip to Santa Cruz ended up being a dancing disappointment, so after our fun at the Hendrick's party, Mike and I headed over to Cafe (a dance club in the Castro).

It felt so good to dance again!! And unlike some people, I much prefer the Cafe to Badlands. Badlands is just overcrowded, over-touristy, and over-creepy (I do NOT appreciate getting felt up while I try to dance). Plus the music at Badlands runs way to heavy in the Kylie Minogue/Cher/Madonna/house music set. Who can dance to that? If you can manage to dance whilst being pressed against your rude neighbors in congested sea of sweaty, sardines.

Cafe, while it may leave something to be desired in the crowd, has much more space and music that is much more pop-relevant, with a nice dose of hip-hop.

I also had a first at Cafe on Friday--at the behest of Mike, I asked for the number of this guy I started dancing with on the floor. He was pretty cute, and, well, Mike can be pushy/persuasive. I regret that decision to this day. Turns out cute boy is a 19-year old foreign exchange student from Italy!

He is nice and intelligent, but I have no desire to rob any cradles.

Nonetheless, I am glad to have made a re-entry into the SF club scene. Now I really have to make it back to Booty SF . . . .

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