Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Katy Perry: Ur So Gay

Okay it looks like I have some serious catching up to do in my blogging. Many posts to come in the next few days. I am mysteriously awake after 4hours 30 min of sleep.

I came across this truly GREAT video for a Katy Perry song. LOVE the visual concept! Hilarious use of Barbie. Check out her other songs, "Hot'n Cold," "I Kissed a Girl." She has some seriously great beats. I can see her becoming a club favorite particularly for the hipster set.

Oh! I went to this fun little hipsterish club on Sat. Very fun. Maybe that will be its own post.

In the meantime, enjoy Katy playing with her dolls and pull on your tight, tapered jeans and canvas shoes for her other songs. :)

It's brill.

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Billy Reano said...

That's one interesting video. The barbie's on Facespace too? I got 2 Find her !!!111!