Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wheat Thin Awakening

At the end of a long day, searching for more fodder for my healthy diet consumption, I am in Safeway, deliberating (as always) over Wheat Thins. The new 100% Whole Grain Baked ones are on sale. But a long time ago I decided I was a Multi-Grain Wheat Thin kinda guy.

So, in true nature, I compared. This is what kills me: they have exactly the same content of whole grains, protein, and fiber per serving. The allegedly healthier "baked" (aren't they all baked?) Thins are actually higher in fat! Why even make two lines of what is almost exactly the same product that would appeal to the exact same consumer demographic? This makes no sense and loses the company money in additional packaging and distribution, maybe even in marketing.

It always disappoints me when people with degrees in business that make millions for their business acumen make decisions that are transparently dense to me, who never got a degree in business or has any formal business training.

And people wonder how our national institutions waste money. How we end up in business crises like the credit crunch/crash/debacle. Bad oversight.

PS-I still like me some Multi-Grain Wheat Thins. Yum!

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Billy Reano said...

Wheat thins are good. Healthy, snacky... the perfect beartrap for a college-aged malnutritionist like me.