Sunday, January 25, 2009


This was our last day in California. I will sum it up briefly. It was the day of Shane's meeting. It appears to have gone well. I was able to spend some more time for personal reflection as I listened to my Ipod and walked through the center of West Hollywood. It was nice.

Kevin and I did some shopping at the Beverly Center. I was delighted/vexed to definitively find that the shopping in L.A. is exponentially superior to the shopping in San Francisco. Living amidst skinny Asians, skinny fags, and skinny hipsters, leaves me scant options for affordable clothing.

We had our last meal at In-N-Out. While there is an In-N-Out in San Francisco, it is somehow different when you don't have to wear a cardigan and can see real palm trees while you enjoy your Double-Double.

We spent the flight back basking in delightful political punditry (courtesy of Virgin Air TV) and an interesting, yet slow BBC documentary on the role of religion and politics in America.

I thought it was a kind of perfect way to end the trip: a documentary on the two things that both tie us together and at times tear us apart. Shane-I am glad for the discussions we can have; even if I am right, 90% of the time.

*My camera has been on the fritz, I am afraid I have to scour on line resources for visual fodder.

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