Friday, February 19, 2010

Carnal Lust: Docs

My bff, Tai, frequently mentions the things she is lusting after on her blog (because she is thankfully a Mormon who is unafraid of filthy lucre) so I decided I might as well share some of my own worldly desires.

My latest yearning is for these:

That's right. Doc Martens. Tres 1998, I know.

The thing is, I have kind of been wanting some Docs since last year, right before I left for LA. They seemed like the perfect urban hiking boot for the San Francisco streets, in general I love having my foot cradled in a solid boot, and they had been out of fashion long enough that no one would think I honestly thought they were cool, thus also possessing a certain anti-cool appeal.

Apparently, my desire to be subversive manifests itself in massive geekiness. This is why I wore blazers in high school (long before that damned blazers and jeans trend fired up) and why I have been wearing grandpa cardigans since I was 18 (also long before everyone and their dog started wearing grandpa cardigans, dammit!).

On that note, a great tragedy has recently struck my home: my favorite cardigan--the blue cashmere one with the cowl neck that totally drowns me--is officially dying.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

For those of you who know me well, this cardie has seen me through many frumpy days, many profound conversations over hot cocoa, and many long painting sessions in drafty studios.

I will have to find a new frumpy, comfy sweater, but it will never be the same as this thrift store gem.

Back to the Docs. So the pretension of LA forbade the wearing of clunky Docs, but now that I am back in SF it's a different story, right? Imagine my horror when I found that Docs and Doc-like boots have made a dramatic resurgence amongst the hipster set of my new-found home in the Mission!

While apparently Docs are still anathema in the hipster Bible (Vice magazine), it's only a matter of time....

What do you guys think? I found a pair online for $80. Should I get the boots and risk looking like I am following an emerging hipster trend?

The fact that I hate looking like I am following trends closely probably reveals how prideful I really am. So there. I have confessed and revealed my vanity and pride, hopefully achieving a measure of catharsis and exoneration.

Should I get the damn boots?


leksy said...

You look like a hurt puppy in your cardigan exhibits.

P.S. Get the boots.

alea said...

those problems are both easy fixes. Just a needle and some serious thread. Where's your domestic skilz? ;)

Janey said...

Love it and do it.

e said...

Oh, cardigan! Alas. *sigh*

I'm afraid I'm hopelessly indecisive about the purchase of boots. (Except for moon boots. The answer is always yes to those.)

John Quintana said...

You would be a sad puppy too if your fave cardie was dying.

Sounds like I have the support of the digital community to get the boots. Thanks guys!

Colt said...

As an emerging Sugarhouse hipster(I am not sure how it happened you live here long enough you grow a beard, get plastic framed glasses, and start referring to Conor Oberst as a demi-god). I say I just got a pair of Beatle boots from Rockport that I like way more than Docs, but I live in Utah where people are just getting into Nirvana, I don't have the heart to tell them what happened to Kurt Cobain. So my fashion opinion should be taken with a grain of Great Salt.