Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Souvenir

After a wonderfully restful Labor Day weekend in San Francisco (pics on Flickr to come), Shane and I stopped to visit my sister, Lindsey and her family. The kids were super excited to drag us to check out their new favorite local hangout: Big Bubba's BBQ!

The ribs were meaty and good, the staff was super entertaining (crew line dancing and jaw-dropping balloon artist), but the memory that is staying with me to this day is the mechanical bull. Apparently my niece and nephews have become quite adept at riding this sucker to the blaring beats of Black Eyed Peas and T.I. Of course, they talked their uncle into giving it a go.

I now understand why cowboys walk so bow-legged. My thighs are still sore.

Behold, my jerky,awkward shame:

(thank you Shane and Apple's I Phone for documenting this. I is ignominy?)

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