Friday, April 3, 2009

The Redemption of Quizno's?

Many years ago, Quizno's lost my potential patronage by running this ad campaign:

Anytime it would pop up in my pre-TiVO TV-viewing, I would scramble for the remote. The rat things looked disgusting and their singing was so grating, I had to plug up my ears. This truly awful campaign combined with their exorbitant prices for a freakin' sandwich guaranteed I would never set foot in their stores (it was mostly the bad ads. I also became a Target devotee, merely because their ads were so pretty).

But, now Quizno's is offering better prices and a couple of really funny ads:

The first one is better, IMHO. Toaster sex+phallic sandwiches=fun for all!


Billy Reano said...

Yeah, I think they are super funny. I probably still won't go there because of a bad experience, but I will give them props for their advertising.

Natalia said...

Quizno's just seems too out of the way to ever go there. There seems to be a million Subways for every Quizno's.

e said...

LOL. Oh dear. And I agree about the Target advertising.

Norm said...

hey, i loved the singing rats