Friday, September 5, 2008

I am pooped!

As promised this photo has nothing to with my post. I just found these legs so wonderfully expressive and full of personality, I just had to take a picture. I think it's the combination of the lively pant pattern and the position of the feet. I have no idea what this woman's face looks like.

So I am so exhausted!!! But i have been chatting with Tai, and I am multitasking and blogging as we chat. Ah, Tai. She is my balm of Gilead. It's crazy how we've totally reconnected. Now we just need to get in the same area code! But that's another story.

Why am I so beat you ask?

Well, i just had my first day of school.It was actually rather anticlimactic and brief, nonetheless I think i kicked some trash! And I am revved to kick some major trash right into a primo spot in a killer ad agency!

I am so excited for our first assignment. All I have to do is read from this book, create a storyboard and design 25 logos.

So I went to class after switching sections, because the other section was screwing up my schedule. When I got into the building I was dripping in sweat because we are in a heat wave and I was hiking all over the city to get to class in a thick, long-sleeved oxford shirt.I was just grateful I didn't have taco sauce all over my face after having my face buried in del taco wrappers during my hike.

Did I mention that on my back was a back pack I have been trucking with me since last Sunday? Yup I have been a vagabond since last Sunday. So here I am with every electronic I own in my messenger bag(laptop, camera, Ipod, cellphone) and every toiletry I own (which y'all know that collection is extensive) and a few changes of clothes with shoes in my backpack. My back was killing me by the end of the day.

Why am I going into all this detail?? My thoughts are barely cogent.

Listen here is the breakdown:

Sunday to Wed morning was in Merced, CA. Took train in on Wed. Afternoon at gym. Evening and night at Brandon's. Thurs. morning go from Brandon's to this Academy breakfast where I try desperately to justify my graduate school debt by filling up on "free" french toast and pastry. Breakfast to work at lame job. Lame job to class.

Class is a let down because it is cut short. Go to library. Try drinking some green tea for caffeine. I still end up passing out for half an hour in library. Take creative route home. My back is so freakin arched from weight of backpack I want to rip out my own spinal column and trade it in for a new one.

Have two bites of ice cream for dinner and head out to the symphony with Brandon, where I have an absolutely wonderful time. The concert hall was beautiful. Stunning views of the city. The music was dramatic and interesting.

Said good bye to my man on the subway. And now here I am wondering why on earth I am typing when I should be showering and snuggling into bed.

Latah folks!

Oh! Wait! I talked to my folks today! That also made today really good! They're both doing fine. My dad sounds like his health is really improving. My mom is watching out for him. It was just good to hear from both of them.

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